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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to sell my house quickly? How fast can you close?

We can close in 30 days or less or in some case as fast as 14 days provided we can get clear title and have the property vacated.

Will I have to pay any fees associated with this?

No! Our consultation is absolutely free! If we decide to purchase your home, you will pay NO broker fees!

I had my house appraised a few years ago, will you buy my house for that price?

Typically we do not buy houses for the appraised value or the amount listed on the assessor website because those values are based on many factors, that don’t have much to do with the changing values of homes.

I owe back taxes, can I still sell my house?

Absolutely! We deal with tax situations all the time! We first just find out how much you owe in taxes to move forward, but we can direct you on how to do this upon our phone consultation.

I own the house together with my significant other, can I sell the house without them?

Generally speaking, no. If the home is titled to (in the name of) both parties, then both individuals would have to sign off on the sale of the home before we can move forward.

I want to sell my house for what I owe on it and something extra, to ‘have some money in my pocket’. Is that something we can do?

If the numbers work for us, absolutely we can do this type of deal.

Do you buy homes that need repair?

Absolutely! We love fixer uppers!

When can we talk? I am ready to sell my home now.

In 24 hours or less

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