The marriage between credit and real estate is a seamless and harmonious one. The ability to borrow funds needed in order to get into real estate investing is paramount. The saying, “cash is king” may be true, but Credit is the Emperor. One must have an ability to borrow funds via loans, credit cards, and lines of credit to leverage all these capital sources into investments.

Simply put, if you can’t borrow money, you can’t get in the game. And if you have collections, late payments, high credit card usage, and judgements on your credit report, you will not look favorable to the companies and lenders who will grant you capital you need to start investing

Collections are from debts owed, and not paid back by The borrower. These have a tremendous impact on Your credit score and will hinder you from being Able to access new credit in the future, as you are seen As someone who does not pay their debts, and thus, are not Creditworthy.

Collections Removed!

Accounts Removed!

If you have late payments on accounts, and negative payment history, Its probably best that we just remove that account altogether. Nagging Accounts with negative payment history can drag down your score and aren’t a great representation of what type of borrower you’ll be moving forward.

While there are many things that go into a credit score, it certainly is the topic of discussion when discussing credit and your ability to borrow. There are certain thresholds of minimum credit score when borrowing mortgage loans, rehab loans, and there are preferences amongst credit card lenders on scores they like to see when viewing an application. What could a 100-point increase do for you?

Let us help you restore your credit!

100+ Point Increases

Once Credit Is Repaired/Already Good Score Achieved, Grab the Credit Investing Course!

JD Buys Houses Credit “Stay Dangerous” Credit Repair/Maintenance Roadmap

The Ultimate Guide to leveraging your credit for investments

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Discover How To Use Your Credit to Work for You!

What You’ll Learn:

Investing with your credit

  • How to liquidate your credit cards
  • How to leverage your credit cards into investments – by yourself or with our help
  • How to earn money selling authorized user accounts

Account Maintenance

  • Usage, and how to keep it low without actually having to pay off your cards
  • Age of accounts and why it matters
  • Account mix – what accounts to have
  • Late payments and how/why to avoid them
  • Judgments/collections
  • Inquiries

An easy-to-use, step-by-step video guide that covers all you need to know about using your credit cards to make money, as well as creative strategies on keeping your debt low while it is incurred.

In an easy-to-understand video format you can watched it on your tablet, computer or even your smartphone.

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Once you enroll, you have immediate, UNLIMITED access to the course content. You can watch as many times as you need.

I offer credit repair consultations
How to Invest Your with Your Credit Coaching Calls

Want to learn how to use your credit for real estate investing?

  • How to get into rehabs using your credit/other companies’ money
  • How to partner with us
  • How to make money leasing your credit history to others
  • Strategies on how to keep debt down without spending any money